Change Gmenu2x Wallpaper

Changing the Gmenu2x wallpaper is easy: the chosen picture must be a PNG file with a 240x240 pixel resolution.

Connect your FunKey S console to your computer and add wallpaper files as simply as you would do it with a simple USB memory stick:

Display Action
Connection PC Connect the FunKey S to your computer using the provided micro USB cable, then open it to turn it on
RetroFE At the launcher's main screen (example here with gmenu2x), press the key
Mount USB Press the or keys until you see "MOUNT USB"
Mount USB Are you sure Press the key twice to confirm
Eject USB "EJECT USB" is now displayed instead, now go to your host computer and open a File Explorer window
USB Drive You should see the FunKey S appear as an USB drive on your computer in the File Explorer (example here with Windows 10)
New Folder Navigate to the FunKey/.gmenu2x/skins/240x240/Default/wallpapers folder in this USB drive
Rename Folder If they do not exist already, create the required folders hierarchically
Copy Wallpaper Drag & drop the wallpapers file into this folder
Eject Drive Eject cleanly the USB drive from your computer
Eject USB Are you sure Back on the FunKey S, at the "EJECT USB" menu entry, press the key twice to confirm
Unmount USB Press the key to return to the launcher screen
Wallpaper Settings Navigate to the Settings tab using the or keys, select the Wallpaper icon using the , , or keys, then press the key
Choose Wallpaper Choose the wallpaper using the , , , , or keys, then press the key
New Wallpaper The selected wallpaper becomes the new gmenu2x wallpaper

Of course, you can remove wallpaper files from the FunKey S console as you would do with a USB memory stick, too!

The wallpaper is copyright © 2020 kiks_way.