Firmware Upgrade

A firmware upgrade can be performed simply over USB without opening the FunKey S console.

Get the latest "FunKey-rootfs-x.y.z.fwu" firmware update file directly from here or from the bottom of the latest release page in the "assets" section:

Github Release

Display Action
Connection PC Connect the FunKey S to your computer using the provided micro USB cable, then open it to turn it on
RetroFE At the launcher's main screen (example here with RetroFE), press the key
Mount USB Press the or keys until you see "MOUNT USB"
Mount USB Are you sure Press the key twice to confirm
Eject USB "EJECT USB" is now displayed instead, now go to your host computer and open a File Explorer window
USB Drive You should see the FunKey S appear as an USB drive on your computer in the File Explorer (example here with Windows 10)
USB Drag and Drop Drag & drop the ***FunKey-rootfs-x.y.z.fwu file you just downloaded at the root of this USB drive on your computer
Eject Drive Eject cleanly the USB drive from your computer
Eject USB Are you sure Back on the FunKey S, at the "EJECT USB" menu entry, press the key twice to confirm
Updating The FunKey S will then reboot and perform the upgrade