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Write firmware to SD Card

How to Flash the Firmware to the SD Card

You can copy the bootable images/sdcard.img onto an SD card using "dd":

$ sudo dd if=images/FunKey-sdcard-X.Y.Z.img of=/dev/sdX
Warning: Please make sure that /dev/sdX device corresponds to your SD Card, otherwise you may wipe out one of your hard drive partitions!

Alternatively, you can use the Balena-Etcher graphical tool to burn the image to the SD card safely and on any platform:

Once the SD card is burnt, insert it into the FunKey S console slot, and power it up. Your new system should come up now and start a console on the UART0 serial port and display the RetroFE game launcher on the graphical screen.

How to Update the FunKey S Firmware

It is possible to update the FunKey-S over USB, please follow the steps described in the Firmware Upgrade section.