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Access the Recovery Boot Mode

The Recovery Mode is a special boot mode that can be entered when booting the FunKey S console.

Its main purpose is to handle system updates, but it can also be used to recover the main system when it is no longer accessible, or to access some advanced test or developement features.

Enter the Recovery Mode

There are 2 different ways to enter Recovery Mode:

  • by holding both the and the keys at the same time while booting the FunKey S console

  • by typing the following command at the Shell prompt, either using ssh over USB Ethernet or the serial console:

$ recovery_mode

While booting, the system will display the following logo instead of the familiar FunKey S logo:

Recovery Logo

Recovery mode commands

The Recovery Mode automatically enables the USB network client upon startup, allowing ssh connection over the USB cable for debug purposes. For more information, please check the SSH Connection over USB section.

At the same time, the Recovery mode provides a simple text menu, with the current menu item displayed at the top of the screen.

Navigation through the menu commands is using the and keys, and validation is using the key.


This command displays useful information regarding the FunKey S:

  • the Recovery Mode version

  • the rootfs (e.g. "Normal" Mode) version

  • if connected to a host through USB network, the device IP address

    Recovery: 2.0.0
    rootfs  : 2.0.0
    IP addr :


This toggle commands performs the same way as the FunKey menu command, except that no confirmation is asked.


This command performs a check of the FAT32 USB partition, and try to repair it if it finds some errors, such as when the partition was not cleanly unmounted from a host computer.


This commands formats the FAT32 USB partition.


This function will delete all the files on the USB partition, so be careful!


This toggle command will enable/disable the USB network upon next boot.


This command will display a full screen QR Code containing the FunKey S serial number:

QR Code


This toggle command will enable/disable the factory tests upon next boot.


This toggle command will enable/disable the "first boot" sequence that:

  • expands the rootfs "Normal" system partition

  • create the swap partition

  • create the USB shared partition

  • install the free built-in games


This comand exits the Recovery Mode and reboots in Normal Mode.