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Welcome to FunKey!

Atomic Purple FunKey S

Thank you for choosing the FunKey S!

The FunKey S is the world's smallest foldable retro-gaming console.

Because of its foldable design, the FunKey S provides a surprisingly large screen and comfortable key pads while open, but it stays compatible with a keychain usage when closed.

Basic operation

The FunKey S operation is so straightforward that a 6-year old child should be able to operate it without any user's manual for the most common tasks. But just to make sure you are not missing something, you can find the basic device operation description in the Tutorials section.

More advanced features

Despite its size, the FunKey S is packed with features, and this documentation will also provide more advanced tips in the Tutorials section.


For developers, a full guide is included, with both Hardware and Software subsections.

Open source files

  • All the software repositories are accessible on our Github. The developer section is a great way to understand its secrets.
  • All the electronic schematics and layouts are accessible here.
  • For mechanical tinkerers or professionals, all the 3D step files are accessible on Grabcad

Miscellaenous stuff

Last but not least, this documentation would not be complete without a Glossary of terms for reference.